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Lucas Okrasiak

Solving Any IT Problems

I have started this company to help people like you, if you are small, medium or enterprise class business I will have that covered. Does not matter if you are looking to get a backup solution for your office/home, or maybe you work on 4K/8K Video files, you name it and I'm sure there is a solution which I can find. All I need to know is what you need to achieve and what possible budget I'm working with for this current project, I work with suppliers located on entire globe so I can source any hardware/software which is required and prices will also be better than if you would look for these items. This will make consultation fees pretty much not visible for you as otherwise you would pay more for equipment.

Every project I do comes with clear agenda. There is no "maybe" in that business, I do value your time as much as mine so it is in my interest to keep you satisfied.

Contact with me is pretty straight forward, please use contacts tab and fill the enquiry, I will ask you few questions about you and project you are running to make sure that my solution can be delivered crafted like a top range suit. I work with companies and goverment sectors, most of solutions can be set and delivered without face to face meetings as I do understand these takes time and time is precious, however if you would like to meet with member of my team or me I can get this arranged.

My Vision & Values

  • I want long-term relationships, my customers are always coming back with smile on their face

  • I'm saving you time and money even if there is a charge for the consultation service you are always buying a right thing and I will help you save money on the equipment

  • Nothing is impossible, I work with only qualified engineers to make sure you are 100% satisfied

  • Sky is the limit, I can come to you wherever on globe you are!

A Few Words About Me

My name is Lucas Okrasiak, I'm IT engineer with passion and over 15 years of experience,

IT was always a passion for me, in the beginning of my career I already knew what is my goal. I have observed how other companies treat their customers and wanted to create a solid, reputable firm which will be as much reliable as top range swiss watch. I ask only relevant questions to make sure the solution which this firm offers is the best for your needs. IT and good customer service is my mission and this is how I'm one of the best engineers offering IT help. Please also check my blog:

My Latest Projects

My main specialisation is storage and backup but I like challenging projects. Don't wait, contact me today!